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Posted by cherpompa@gmail.com on November 22, 2013 at 8:20 AM

Hi, Radical Rabbit buddies!  It has been a busy year here at Radical Rabbits.  I have had some personal life changing events, quit smoking now for year!  Ya!!!  Need more money to spend on bunnies..lol   Lost my job of 10 years, but hay, we all need new starts in our lives.  My family is trying to turn this into a postive fresh start.. Pray with us that I find my new carree path.. Still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.. BUT I know I love my family and my bunnies...so this is a big part of who I am now..

My daughter and I have decided to expand a little serve to our customers.. We will now be offering by appointment either at our home or at shows we attend the following servies, we will always be happy to show you how to do it as well:   :D

Nail clipping between $5 - $10 (varries on difficluty) - Must supply you own clippers so not to spread illness :P

Tattooing= $5 - $10(varries on difficluty)-  (we will provide all equipment and supplies- you provide bunny & numbers/letters)

Vent cleaning= $5 :roll:

Fuzzy blow out detangle = $20 - $30 (varries on difficluty)

Package grooming deal = check for mites, flees, fly striks,~ brush out / de-sheed(must provide own brush & nail clippers to provent spread of illness), hails cut, ears check and cleaned, vents cleaned, teeth checked = $30:D

This service is open to anyone and we are happy to show 4H students how to care for their bunnies step by step..

Grooming and sanitations is key to a happy and healty bunny for years to come, be it a pet or a show bunny!

Hoppy Holidays for the Radical Rabbits Family to yours!  
See you at the 2014 Shows!:lol:

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