Quility Holland Lops & Mini Rex
Location: Mid Hudson Valley , NY  12603

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  • Alex loves his holland
    Alex loves his holland
  • His first hopping award
    His first hopping award
  • double trouble at the D.C. Fair
    double trouble at the D.C. Fair
  • My little girl at her first fair
    My little girl at her first fair
  • Alex and his hopping mini rex
    Alex and his hopping mini rex
  • Barn duty at the fair
    Barn duty at the fair
  • RIS at NYS Grand Finals
    RIS at NYS Grand Finals
Alex loves his holland
Alex loves his holland

PLEASE NOTE ~EFFECTIVE 6/23/14~ All prospective buyers must complete the pre-screening questionnaire, prior to a transaction taking place.  No rabbits will be placed prior to my approval. 

As a breeder, I am responsible to be sure all and any of my stock are placed in caring homes.  That means tending to their basic needs~ fresh food and water daily, basic grooming and nails clipped at least every 6 weeks.  If you are not up to this commitment, I am not the breeder to come too.  I spend countless hours with my family, raising and loving these sweet creatures and will not tolerate abandonment or neglect.

See our Sale Policy~ https://www.radicalrabbits.com/salepolicy.htm

I will be happy to help you should a situation come up such as: allergies, loss of income and countless other reasonable issues that arise. However, if you return a rabbit to me that is in such poor condition that I feel they are better put down, that is flat out neglect .  Contact me prior to that point!  The rabbit is better off as another creatures dinner at that stage, then being tortured by malnutrition, overgrown nails and sitting in piles of it's own fecal matter.   End of Rant.

Our rabbitry is a 60 hole herd, located in the Hudson Valley of NY.  My daughter and I breed selectively, to produce Hollands and Mini Rex by ARBA standards of perfection, for us to show together.  We love each and every rabbit we own! We enjoy seeing our new additions each time our Does kindle. 

If you are looking for show, brood or pet that just needs a good home please see my for sale page for these bunnies.  There will be some juniors and some seniors available soon.   My daughter and son are active members of 4H, therefore we will offer discounts to fellow 4H members.   My daughter, Erica, is now a member of ARBA, NEYRBA and HLRSC.  Of course I (mom) am also a member.

Take a look at our new litters (listed on the news, nursery tab & baby bunnies for sale tabs) and see our little hopping Lops.

See our sale policy and reserve your bunny today.

Show, Brood & Pet Quality Holland Lops & Mini Rexes 

            This site is dedicated to my baby girl ~ Erica ~ 2012 Switzerland Trip


PERFERED METHOD OF CONTACT:  radicalrabbits@gmail.com 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RaddicalRabbits20    










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