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Normal Body Temperature:   101.5-103 F

Rectal Temperature:              103.3-104F; 38-40C 
Heart Rate (pulse):                 130-325 beats per minute 
Respiratory Rate:                   32-60 breaths per minute 
Life Span:                                5-12 years 
Breeding Age:                         Males, 4 -6 months;
                                                Females, 5-6 months
Pregnancy:                              29-31 days
Litter Size:                              4-8
Weaning Age:                         6-8 weeks 

Sometimes Does wean their kits as early as 4 weeks but the 
babies don't do well. 
In any case kits should with siblings until 8 week of age.


What to have handy in a first-aid kit

More often than not your beloved Bunny will injure itself
after your vet and the stores have closed. 
That’s when a first aid kit will make all the difference. 

A sick bunny that’s not eating should be treated as very serious.
Write your veterinarian’s name and phone number on a card, 

as well as your local 24-hour emergency animal clinic.
DON'T wait until morning or "wait and see". 
A rabbit's condition can and most often deteriorates quickly.

Appetite stimulant and nutritional supplement.
For animals that are thin, losing condition, or
are in need of a nutritional boost while recovering.
It is a high calorie Paste that comes in a tube.
You can buy it from your vet or buy it on-line. 
Cost approx. $10.00

Critical Care (This is a name brand)
Appetite stimulant/nutritional supplement.
For animals that are thin, losing condition, 
or are in need of a nutritional boost.
It’s hay and Herbs ground into a powder.
You mix it with water. 
Wrap bunny in a towel and force-feed him it through
a feeding Syringe. Some bunnies come to like it and
will eat it from a dish. It has some extra ingredients
and herbs so it’s better that plain food in a blender.
It cost around $10.00 for a very small bag, 
however a bag goes a long way. 
I have never used a whole bag up on one rabbit before.
They normally recover before a bag is used up.

Dr. Martins Extruded Rabbit Pellets (This is a name brand)
This is great food for very young, very old or sick bunnies.
It’s a kibble feed instead of the usual pellet form.
Babies and old bunnies find it easier to chew.
I would recommend this for everyday use. It also comes in an 
all timothy mix for fat rabbits. 
You may need to get your pet store to order it for you.
When rabbits get wool block the regular pellets tend to
bind to the wool mass in the stomach, these pellets are more
fibrous and less sludge like. 
If you can’t buy the Nutrical or the Critical care, 
you can throw some Dr. Martins in a blender and add
water until it is smooth enough to go through a feeding syringe.
I know Global Pets and Pet Valu Stores in Toronto carry it.

Ivomec (Horse paste wormer found at feed mills)
I give my bunnies an amount the size of a pea
ever 5 months to kill fur mites,
and any worms or parasites they may have picked 
up during the show season. 

Sulmet 12.5% Sodium Sulfamethazine 
2 tps of water per gallon. 
I use it to treat any respiratory or urinary problems.
It's also one of the only treatments for coccidiosis.
Sulfa based medications are water soluble 
(put in bunnies water and change daily)
A common name brand is Sulmet.
It costs around $16.00 for a gallon jug. 
Must be remixed and changed daily. 
ADDING EXTRA medicaation will cause diarrhea
so follow recommend doses.

Corid (amprolium) 9.6% Oral Solution 
or treatment and Prevention of coccidiosis parasites
Sulmet (above) is also use to treat and prevent coccidiosis

A thin cotton towel large enough to wrap bunny
in to restrain him. This will stop Bunny 
from scratching you and struggling while you
force feed, giving a needle, clip nails, 
check teeth etc.

Hydrogen Peroxide and/or Vetericyn wound spray

Great for flushing/cleaning minor wounds. 

Another good wound treatment and when mixed with
water will disinfect your cage.

Vick’s Vapo-Rub, Vanilla Extract or Mint Extract
Any strong smelling substances. 
Used when introducing unfamiliar animals to each other. 
Must use very tiny amount on rabbits and
not directly near the nose. Can be used when 
fostering a baby that is 4 to 7 days old to a new mom.

Bag Balm
For chapped or irritated skin. Good for nursing
Does to prevent chapped and cracked teats.  This is a must have for sore hocks as well.

Vetericyn for eye drops or ointment 
Comes in a spray bottle or small tube, good for treatment of minor eye irritation.

Quik-Stop Gel or Powder 
It is used to stop minor bleeding, particularly from broken toenails.

Kwik Stop Styptic Powder

Q-Tips and mineral oil
Swabbing ears with mineral oil will keep ear mites away.  I also clean vents with this.

Nail Clippers
Ideal for trimming toenails, clipping off torn

Feeding Syringe
One for force feeding food, water and giving oral medication.
Get a second one to give a Bunny enema when needed.

Four Paws Easy Feeder
also good for flushing wounds and abscesses. 
Also good for force feeding .




You'll need to buy some of these medications for your first aid kit. 
Waiting until your bunny needs them is often to late to receive them in time to do your rabbit any good. I highlighted in blue the medications I keep on hand. I use Sulmets instead of 
Corid (amprolium),however both are good to prevent and treat COCCIDIOSIS
Sulmet is also used to cure Urinary infections really well.

This Table is from http://www.bunnyrabbit.com/
You can buy these medications and more on-line at the above mentioned webiste.
Go to the website, on the left hand side menu, scroll way down to Medication
It will take you to the most used rabbit medications.


ANXIETYHomeoPet Anxiety3 doses daily (dosage: 1-20 lbs 5 drops)

Corid (amprolium)
recommended by 
Dr Chris Hayhow

water treatment 5cc to one gallon water-for 5 days (prevention)
water treatment 5cc to one gallon water-for 5 days (treatment)
or 1cc orally for 15 pounds of rabbit-for 5 days
        (1/4 cc orally for 3.75 pound rabbit)
DIARRHEADri-TailSeveral drops every few hours till symptoms subside
This Stops Diarrhea.
You'll need to feed BeneBac to restore good bacteria and Acid Pak 4 way to restore fluid loss.
 Kaopectate1/4 tsp. every hour till symptoms subside
 Acid Pak 4 Way3/8 tsp. to one gallon of water--this can be used constantly without fear of overmedication since it contains all natural ingredients.
 Benebac1 gram for 10 pounds animal weight (Beneficial Bacteria to help restore the digestive system) I also give  this to my show bunnies and rabbits under stress as a preventative measure to illness.
 Neomycin Oral Solutionseveral drops every few hours till symptoms
subside--can be added to water-5 cc to one gallon water
EARMITESEarmite dropsseveral drops in each ear daily for a week,
then weekly for a month
 Ivomec paste1 rice size pellet for upto 4 lb rabbit--orally
 Ivomec 1% injectable1 drop per pound--orally ( Injectable can be fed Orally to rabbits)
 Ivomec .27% injectable1/2 cc per 10 pounds--orally   (aprox 2 drops per pound)
repeat treatment in one week
for prevention, treat every 3 months
EYE INFECTIONEye Ointmentplace in each eye 4 times a day till symptoms subside
FERTILITYWheat Germ Oil1/2 tsp. to 10 lb. rabbit daily
 Heinold Doc's Rabbit Enhancer1 tsp daily
 Vita Stress1 tbsp. pellets daily for two weeks (treat bucks and does)
FUR BALL/HAIR BALLRabbit Lax1 inch (2.5 gm) daily
FUR CONDITIONWheat Germ Oil1/2 tsp. to 10 lb. rabbit daily
 Heinold Doc's Rabbit Enhancer1 tsp daily
 Showbloom1 tsp daily
 Winner's Edge1/4 tsp daily
 Papaya Papain tablets1 tablet daily to improve fur and help guard against furball
 ITCH HomeoPet Skin & Itch5 drops three times a day
Vet RXfew drops in each nostril, twice daily
 Rabbit-mycin2 drops in each nostril, twice daily
for 3 days out of 6
 HomeoPet Nose Relief5 drops three times daily till symptoms subside
 Baytrilmust be prescribed by veterinarian
SORE HOCKSHappy Jacks Pad Koteadminister daily till symptoms subside-
also, place solid floor(sheetrock or wood)
in cage for rabbit to rest on
STRESS/OFF FEEDAcid Pak 4 Way 2X3/8 tsp. to one gallon of water
 Peter's Rabbit-Aide1 tsp to 8 oz water
 HomeoPet Anxiety3 doses daily (dosage: 1-20 lbs 5 drops)
 Aqua Vite1/4 tsp. to one gallon of water
HomeoPet Traumamorning & evening 1 dose (dosage: 1-20 lbs 5 drops)
VENT DISEASEPenicillin Creamapply topically for 3-5 days
 Penicillin Procaine Ginject 1cc per 10 lbs--treat once, skip three days,
treat, skip three days treat--total of three injections
WORMSIvomec .27%1/2 cc per 10 pounds--orally
repeat treatment in one week
for prevention, treat every 3 months
 Ivomec 1%1 drop per pound--orally
 Safeguardrice size (1/32 tsp) amount daily for 3-5 days
 Wazine 17%1 fluid ounce (2 tablespoons) per gallon water
treat 3 days, repeat twice @ 30 days
or 1/8 tsp per 5 pound rabbit
 HomeoPet Wormer3 times daily for 14 days
prevention - 3 times daily for 7 days

Terramyacin water soluble
(broad spectrum antibiotic)

1 tsp. to gallon of water for 3-5 days




Important websites

Dr. Chark's dosage calculator



on left side scroll to medications.

Merck Veterinary manual  

Website with more rabbit ailments and cures.

"Care of the Domestic Rabbit" by Dr. Chris Hayhow.
 Dr. Hayhow has raised rabbits for more than 40 years.
 He is well known as an ARBA Judge, Veterinarian, and Board Certified Microbiologist.  He is currently serving the American Rabbit Breeders Association as President. 

This fabulous book provides valuable information that will benefit novice as well as experienced managers.  Included in this book are figures, tables, color pictures and much more!

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